Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nothing new…

I still haven’t had a single second to play with my sewing machine.   So much for this sewing blog (no wonder I only have 5 followers).   I did do some last minute adjustments to my vintage dirndl for Gemutlichkeit, but that’s not very exciting so I didn’t take any photos.  I got it from eBay just in time for the festival.  The skirt was so tight that I had to let it out.  I’ve never let anything out before, only taken things in (yeah, I’ve reached that part of my life - getting wider).  The material is wool with a satin liner.  Thankfully it was handmade, so taking the stitches out was super easy.  Also, whoever made it was VERY generous with their seam allowance, so I was able to let it out two full inches.  I have photos of me wearing it; however they were taking at about 1:00 a.m. and let’s just say I was fully loaded at the time. 

We’ve got loads of yard work to do this weekend and a house that looks like a bomb went off inside.  Next weekend I have two craft fairs back to back,  so I don’t see any sewing time in the near future for me L.   

Here is what inspires me today

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